Politics - Institutions failing public

I would like to add my voice to the general dismay about public services such as the NHS, local and national government, housing etc.

Each day we are confronted by the failings of institutions which we have trusted and taken for granted over the years, and I believe we should be addressing these issues before they are irreversible.

Tory MP Sir Edward Leigh has recently become quite noticeable in your columns – could there be an election looming?

One has to ask just what has he achieved in his 30 years in his comfortable seat representing the Gainsborough constituency?

I do not think that Sir Edward’s muttered dissent over Europe’s domination of our daily lives makes for useful political representation.

No, what we need now, at this important crossroads in the life of the local community and the well being of the nation as a whole, is a new breed of politicians who will free our businesses to trade with the whole world un-stifled by European bureaucrats who refuse to let us speak for ourselves at the negotiating table.

A new direction is needed at every level, including local government, where sensible and bold decisions should replace stagnant complacency and remove the deadweight of hidebound politics.

I refer of course to UKIP, the party which will listen carefully to the electorate and promote policies which are in people’s best interests.

Jeff Reynolds