Politics - Giving our rights away

The main parties and the media would have you believe that the forthcoming election is a simple choice between ‘personalities or policies’.

However that is them employing the illusionist tricks of smoke and mirrors designed to divert the British public from the main issue.

Let me ask you a question? If your friend asked to borrow your lawnmower, and then sold it to your neighbour, how would you feel?

If you owned a small business and provided a van for an employee and they gave it away to a rival company, would you congratulate him for his/ her kindness?

Probably not?

Then why do we continue to vote for Government after Government that give away our rights and the rights and property of the United Kingdom, wholesale, to a group of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels who now make 70% of the laws we live by?

800 years ago King John was forced to put his royal seal on the Magna Carta, granting the English people freedom from wrongful imprisonment and allowing us free speech and a multitude of other rights that were designed to protect the common man and woman. So important was the Magna Carta that 500 years later the emerging American nation adopted much of it in writing their new constitution.

The reason the Magna Carta came into being was because King John had given away something he didn’t own: the Sovereignty of England to the Pope, in Rome, and was acting under his authority.

He gave to someone who wasn’t English the right to govern the English. The English people should have been free to choose how to live in England!!

Now in modern times, Tony Blair, David Cameron, Gordon Brown and, yes, even Winston Churchill did not own 10 Downing Street, they are simply tenants, living there and managing the country by the ‘good grace of the British people’ while ever we allow it by Democratic licence. If Mr Cameron were to sell Downing Street to a foreign investor, we would be up in arms and protesting on the streets of every city in the country. The press would vilify him and he would be forced out of office and likely charged with fraud.

They have no authority to give away our rights, they have no authority to give away our heritage, in fact, they have no right to hand over any of our rights, to any other country or organisation or, indeed, any part of what we consider to be the United Kingdom or any other aspect of what it means to be British … and yet they do.

Why is that?

It’s because they have become disillusioned into thinking we are all simple enough not to see through their lies and deceit. It’s because they feel that they can feather their own nests through deals designed to benefit a small number of their friends, family and colleagues at the expense of us all. It’s because, having spent so long in the world of professional politics, they do not see us as more than a mass of unimportant ‘things’ that inhabit the world outside Westminster.

We could, of course, put it down to ignorance and say that they all, collectively, lack the foresight, intelligence and courage to do otherwise. They will gladly sign a Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) allowing large American Corporations to take over large chunks of our Industry and the NHS and, if we object, sue us for objecting.

They will gladly sign a European Arrest Warrant allowing British Citizens to be arrested or extradited on the assumption of being ‘Guilty until proven innocent, in complete disregard for everything that was decreed 800 years ago at Runnymede.

They will gladly give away fishing rights in our waters so that we are left to fish only 13% of available fish and bring ruination and unemployment in, what was once, the largest fishing fleet in the world.

The EU has introduced 3600 regulations since 2010. They have plenty more in the pipeline, from the sublime to the ridiculous including: A recommendation that Formula 1 be raced in electric cars to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions; Freezing all personal bank accounts, as they did in Cyprus, to levy a 20% charge, should the Euro run into serious problems; Savile row suits made from Australian Wool will have to be labelled ‘Made In Australia’ not in Britain, all hairdressers to wear non-slip flat shoes for health and safety reasons and finally you will not be allowed to grow plants or vegetables from your own seed- only seed EU approved and labelled.

Who are these people and what type of world are they building for you and your children and, are you looking forward to it with excitement or dread?

This is the key issue in the forthcoming election. Not one of personalities or policies, as the main parties would have you believe, but one of – Who do you want ruling the United Kingdom in 2020?

None of the main parties actually want to leave the European Union, after all it’s too profitable to them and their friends and, at the end of the day, they can always emigrate to the Bahamas.

However, for the vast majority of the British public, there is nowhere else to go. We are here and have to live here, whatever.

Not voting in the next election is no option and this is a Democracy so … make your voice heard and, I would urge you to, vote for something better. Vote for a party that is principled, honest and not full of career politicians who serve themselves rather than you, the people.

But please don’t vote for the ‘Big Three’ that is a wasted vote, indeed!

John E Saxon

UKIP Parliamentary 
Candidate for Gainsborough