Politics - Flattered by the attention

And now it is Burt! I am flattered.

And in reply to two earlier letters from Cllrs Summers and Patterson, I would like to invite them all back to school. Cllr Patterson for history lesson and Cllr Summers for a lesson on sums and Cllr Keimach on the basics of running a business.

Both at The Epic Centre Extraordinary Council Meeting, summer 2014, when Saxilby residents and Sir Edward Leigh wanted WLDC to withdraw from the Joint Planning Unit and in the Cherry Willingham meetings over Hawthorn Road it is quite clear that whipped decisions, bully boy tactics and shoddy financial arguments were used to force through decisions to the detriment of the residents.

At the Epic Centre meeting I supported Sir Edward and the residents: I was censored from speaking. The Chairman was bullied into standing - which meant I, as a member, I had to stop talking. At a stroke, the divorce would have stopped the deluge of housing applications that have since flooded the Lincoln Fringe Villages. The five year land supply bogey would have been slain

Worse, as a result, West Lindsey District Council will lose £Ms of Community Infrastructure Levy income.

Our Entrepreneurial council would rather lose £Ms of potential income, than admit it just got it wrong and take simple corrective action.

Mr Grainger, letters to the Editor, is not a District Councillor yet he seems to have a better understanding of local Government than my above mentioned colleagues.

Th Conservatives and Liberals are responsible for our woes at local and national level as were Labour before them, and how we can even think of giving such regimes the power to play monopoly with our hard earned money I find mind blowing.

At a recent Small Business Federation husting in Lincoln all the M.P. candidates were dedicated to helping school leavers find jobs, to help small businesses get started and to give city centre retailers respite from high parking charges.

None of this is likely to happen, the Government and Local Councils are to greedy for your money for their own spending sprees. Only by slimming Government, Local Government and other public body management costs will we have any money free for these essential causes.

With more Independent Members of Parliament and more Independent District Councillors, we will make a difference. We need plain old fashioned Common Sense decisions and slim cost effective management for a better future.

Christopher Darcel

Gainsborough Parliamentary Candidate for the Lincolnshire Independents Group