Politics - Democracy is currently dead

We live in a peculiar interval between governments, parliament having been dissolved by The Queen, so technically we are not a democracy at present.

But how much of a democracy are we at other times? We can look to Her Majesty for leadership, but the monarchy is hardly an advert for classless, elected self-rule (dictionary definition).

As for the House of Lords, it is a retirement home for failures and the over-privileged, none of whom are chosen by the people but who interfere in the democratic process

So who can we turn to? What about the generally unsung heroes of local government, who take the brickbats but none of the praise?

Parish councils are worthy volunteers, but have little power other than to organise allotments and burial sites, despite David Cameron’s cast iron promise of Localism. District councils restrict our building aspirations and collect our rubbish, all for a hefty council tax, while county councils are remote and unresponsive to the needs of local communities.

We should start to reinstate democracy before people become disenchanted. With-drawal from the failed experiment called the European Union will enable our own parliament to make our own laws for our own country.

The immense amount of money saved would pay for improvements to our cash-strapped services.

To claim that trade with Europe would collapse is the dishonest stance of the larger parties; we do far more trade with Europe than they do with us, so nothing will change - except that the United Kingdom will be free to enter into its own trade agreements all over the world.

We have long been one of the great trading nations, and we can re-establish links with the Commonwealth countries we so shamefully turned our backs upon when we joined the EU.

Political correctness will be replaced by good old common sense; the Human Rights Act will be reinstated as originally intended, to protect life and liberty of all, not the twisted nonsense of today’s courtrooms.

Power will be devolved to local levels, and no longer handed down by Big Government. The United Kingdom Independence Party ‘UKIP’ will tackle these issues on all our behalf

Democracy is dead, long live democracy!

Jeff Reynolds

Beck Hill, Tealby