POLITICS - Council to stop hindering BIG

Sara Scott and all the energetic members of MR BIG are to be praised for their efforts to boost Market Rasen in these difficult economic times in spite of the wasteful, obstructive red tape of a Town Council that has passed it’s sell-by date.

I stepped down as mayor five years ago because I could no longer see a reason for the expensive existence of this council.

Taxes were being collected ostensibly for delivering services that are already provided efficiently by District and County Councils, together with Central Government and other essential organisations such as the NHS and the police.

During the three years I was Leader of West Lindsey I made it a priority to support MR BIG and similar entrepreneurial efforts across the District.

So then,what is the solution for the cumbersome Town Council?

An ultimatum! If they do not stop hindering our town, residents can have a referendum for abolition.

The mechanics of this start with a petition which WLDC can oversee, as well as the actual referendum.

A number of towns in England have done away with these superfluous bodies with a great saving for taxpayers , and a better concentration of essential services.

The decision is yours, and if you simply contact WLDC for advice, the process can begin!

Cllr Burt Keimach , LCC & WLDC

Market Rasen