Politics - Bored of our councillors

Yet again we have a prominent article on the “spat” between Ken Bridger and Burt Keimach. Can I say that I am extremely bored of this story and if this is constitutes main news in the Market Rasen area then we really do live in a quiet town.

I served (briefly) on Market Rasen Town Council several years ago and I have my own opinions on the effectiveness of it and I also have my own opinions on Mr Bridger and Mr Keimach.

All I will say is that Mr Keimach reeks of hypocrisy when he criticises the role of town councils, when he started on the said MRTC himself, being Mayor when I moved here.

Now that he is BOTH a district and county councillor (just how does he have the time for that?), he obviously feels that he has moved up in the world, or perhaps he is still bitter at no longer being in charge of the Tories on the District Council. He should remember where he came from.

Please can we hear no more of this nothing story and concentrate on real issues as I for one am bored.

Alan Robertson,

Maple Drive, Market Rasen