Politics - Blighty needs to stand firm

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There is nothing worse than a bad loser. Here we have three rotten ones, the leaders of the main political parties behaving like the Three Stooges, falling out and scrapping among their own.

If that isn’t enough after the landslide victory of UKIP, Parliament unleash their fury on the English Public by announcing on the BBC that we are a “Racist Nation”.

Well, shall we start with the top echelons in this country? They truly and utterly hate anything and everything English.

The prejudice, castigation, discrimination and contempt against the indigenous population is nothing short of traitorous, so Yes, it is a racist nation.

Even the legend that is Max Keiser from the Keiser Report has on more than one occasion shaken his head over this.

Why are the main political parties even remotely surprised at the public distaste for the EU?

For it has used and abused England since we were tricked into the Common Market in 1973, and it was very recently reported on the BBC just a few days ago that we as a nation have not benefitted in any way whatsoever from this very unfair liaison.

Look back at the last 100 years, it was Dear Old Blighty who stood firm and ‘Saved Europe’ and its people from the horror of tyranny, with catastrophic human cost and complete bankruptcy, twice over.

And the gratitude and remuneration for this selfless incredible deed has been virtually non-existent.

Brussels rules us all, removes our identity, history, our rights, ad traditional way of life and charges England £53 million sterling every single day for the privilege.

It leaves a very nasty taste indeed and a case of once bitten twice shy.

Mrs G P Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor