Policing - Is £65k salary inadequate?

Mark Jones claims that he will get more money for policing in Lincolnshire from the Government and that he needs a deputy as he doesn’t have the time to do everything.

As finance portfolio holder for Lincolnshire County Council, his Conservative colleagues in Government ignored him, Lincolnshire got a terrible settlement, and a few more crumbs were thrown our way after a carefully choreographed media spin by Conservative MPs.

These extra tit bits were always there for us, it was just spin to make it look like they had won something for Lincolnshire.

Appointing an unsuitable deputy, roundly rejected by the Police and Crime Panel, is arrogance.

To do it, because apparently he does not have the time to conduct his duties otherwise, is rather confusing.

The simple solution is that he should stand down as a county councillor, which would free up time. This would save an annual £18,000 plus expenses spent on a deputy.

Does Mr Jones find the Police and Crime Commissioner salary of £65,000 inadequate?

Victoria Ayling

UKIP county councillor and former PCC candidate for Lincolnshire