Police reply - leads to more questions

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West Lindsey Police Inspector’s answers to the public crime questions put to Simon Outen just raise more questions.

Question One: The drug cartel that are a growing problem to our children. Inspector Outen said they, the police, are doing everything in their power to combat this problem. Well take this in Inspector, try contacting Lincoln Police or Scunthorpe Police and you should find Major complaints made about local drug dealers that operate in a very large scale and are moving to the major drug squads in the force then do nothing about this problem and I can prove that if he wants me to.

But like the other two forces dealing with West Lindsey and Humberside police team turn a blind eye because they are afraid of trespassing on each other’s beat and I can prove that too if he wants me to.

So first answer to Market Rasen Mail = RUBBISH.

Question two: Try and get a police officer at the weekend or any time and you are wasting your time unless there is a firearm involved.

You phone Market Rasen, Welton, Gainsborough and you are put through to Lincoln.

Then the fun starts. You start talking to some foreign person on the switchboard that wants to know if you are British, do you have sex, do you grow your tomatoes, have you got the flu and yes, what were you phoning up for?

That’s how stupid the questions that could be asked. The time it takes to say why you have contacted the police, only to be told there are no police officers available, but here is the famous incident number, so if the burglar is still in your house, please show it to him, it might scare him away.

And may I add by the time it takes to get someone in the police station, you would get the FBI quicker.

Question three. How many officers cover the Rasen patch at the weekend?

According to the village council meetings, there are two police officers to cover three hundred square miles area, so if you live in Grantham and you need a police officer for an emergency and the police are at Ludford, then you may as well forget it for that day.

Question four: You say if the police make an arrest in Market Rasen they have got to take the offender to Lincoln, have you not got any cells in that police station at Market Rasen that would have been better suited to a swimming pool than for what good it does?

The public want to try and get a police officer on the phone to prove my complaint.

Question five: Has crime risen in Market Rasen, like the public know it has.

Try going for a drink at the weekend. The police will always tell you ‘no we have sorted this’. But they always tell the public this to make their policing look good.

But it has been proven that the police do not always record every incident to keep the figures looking good.

The police and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) only records what they want us to believe.

So in a nutshell, Inspector Outen, let’s have a more truthful Question Time, like a public meeting in Market Rasen (and) we can have a proper discussion.

It’s like your Police Commissioner that took the Chief Inspector to task. It’s not what he is paid £67,000 per year for.

Whether it be right or wrong, it is his place to do this challenge and in my view he should not apologise. We all know the powers that be, it would be quickly squashed.

Just a little thing to the struggling old age pensioners. Do you know now West Lindsay District Council takes £150 out of your bank to pay for the Commissioner.

Did you ask for a Commissioner? Did you? Otherwise West Lindsey go into your bank to take this money. So in my view West Lindsey has fraudulently took money from my account without my authorisation and signature.

Just a little point, plus you are now paying for the ghost police force. A lot of money for nothing.

Gordon Crosbie

High Street, Glentham