Police chief had guts to speak out

Editor - How many readers of the Market Rasen Mail, October 12, when turning to page 3 got something of a darn sight bigger shock in this tabloid than you would have done if purchasing the Sun with its now obsolete and tiresome same old, same old on the same page.

For who could not miss the headline ‘Police stations facing the axe in cost-cutting’ that at first glance sent one into a spit stomping, face pulling rage, that made not one jot of any sense until one read a little further that is.

And after cooling down and weighing up the situation thanks to the likes of Lincolnshire Police Chief Constable Richard Crompton, who on informing us all why Market Rasen, Caistor and Horncastle cop shops are closing, actually made very good sense with no other options available for this poor man to ponder over.

Because let’s face it, nobody wants to flog a dead loss in these times of essential cost cutting in England, especially when these old gin joints have seen far better days when crime was at its highest, which is no longer the case today, according to the politicians that is.

So, let’s just give thanks to Chief Constable Crompton, who as you know full well is only a puppet for those masters upstairs in Whitehall, and for having the guts to use his own mouth while the Big Guns stay silent.

And what we see today will not just stop at those three police stations above, but the axe will be wielded in a far greater form in Lincolnshire whence come the day some poor person in Caistor, Market Rasen or Horncastle, when dialling 999 for those elusive boys and girls in blue, is put through to a police station in the Welsh speaking valley of Pontrhydfendigad, Ceredigion.

N Hoblyn

North Street