Please act on airfield noise

EDITOR – Re noise problem from aerobatic aircraft from Wickenby Airfield.

Over the last six to eight months the number of aerobatic flights has increased to a level that is totally unacceptable.

These flights are taking place near the old Ludford Airfield, where I live. – something I would have no problem with if it happened without the noise this plane creates.

On Saturday, July 7 they appeared twice (midday and 5.10pm). Sunday I was away all day, but most Sundays they usually appear at least twice. Wednesday they came at 2.40pm and again at 5pm.

If this was a young guy with a car driving around the same area creating a noise nuisance, as this aircraft, does I am sure Mr Plod would soon be giving him a ticket.

So can someone please tell me why there seems to be no control over the noise of aircraft? Why can they not do this type of flying over the sea, where it would not be a problem?

Many other small aircraft fly over my home, causing no problem. Some make very little noise at all.

One or two of the flying lawnmowers that pass over are a little loud, but when they only fly over it’s not a problem.

G.W Stanley

Galleybrook Farm, Ludford