Pleas galore – save our vital bus service

EDITOR – Today we read in the Rasen Mail about the No. 3 bus cutback.

My husband and I are pensioners, do not own a car and rely heavily on this service, especially to attend Lincoln Hospital for medical attention there.

Please let us know if there is any way we can personally make our protest known to a higher authority (council or Government) or where we can sign a petition in Market Rasen.

We are really upset by this news.

If necessary, we as pensioners could pay a small amount for our journeys with our bus pass, and if all pensioners could do this it may help. It would be better than losing a valuable bus service (just an idea).

P. Brelsford-Smith (Mrs)

By email

EDITOR – The bombshell announcing severe cutbacks to the number 3 Stagecoach service, to and from Grimsby and Lincoln, is totally unexpected.

However, this is completely a commercial intention from Stagecoach, and not one made by the county. To have sprung this on their customers with one month’s notice is unacceptable, and totally inconsiderate.

The county’s CallConnect service remains uneffected.

May I ask all those who value these Stagecoach services, to e-mail or contact the general manager, David Skepper, to voice their concerns to him personally, so that he can pass them on to his head office?

His e-mail address is .

Coun Lewis Strange


EDITOR – Re the No 3 bus being cut; the effects it will have on all communities between Grimsby, Market Rasen and Lincoln will be as follows:

1) People attending hospital appointments. How will they get there and back?

2) How to get to Lincoln or Grimsby for shopping?

3) A market town like Market Rasen will die and local business will be affected.

4) People using the No 3 bus to go to work will have problems and may lose their jobs. At a time like the present this is not good.

6) I am sure Lincolnshire County Council is for the people and coming to a financial agreement with Stagecoach would be an answer.

7) It will make the elderly bus pass virtually useless due to the lack of buses.

8) The option of train passes is not an option any more as an alternative to this problem.

9) Lincolshire County Council promised on taking over the running of the bus pass system, that it would not be cut, but maybe it is managing to do it in another way.

10) It could also effect the value of properties with people not wanting to come here to this area

This is written with the stongest of protests hoping that someone can see sense.

John Sharp

Orchard Way, Market Rasen

EDITOR – When the current concessionary bus travel passes were introduced in April 2008 by the last government, although welcome at the time, I had my doubts whether free travel could be sustained in the long run.

Being a non-car-owning pensioner, I appreciate free bus travel.

When I first obtained my bus pass I used to pay half-fare, which I thought was very fair.

I would be willing to pay half-fare again in order to preserve services. I think an hourly service is a bit too lavish for a rural county like Lincolnshire.

The only service out of Lincoln that may meet most of its operating costs is the Lincoln, Wragby, Horncastle, Skegness service.

For people without private transport working in Grimsby or Lincoln, if they are within walking distance of Market Rasen Railway Station there are trains that arrive at both towns (from Market Rasen) before 7am. (Later services are also provided for office workers etc).

In difficult economic times it is the duty of all councils to keep the rates/council tax at the lowest possible level.

R. Coulson

Market Rasen

EDITOR – Reading in the Rasen Mail, my husband and I could not believe it. The No 3 bus may only be run twice a day. People like us will be isolated.

First of all, we are pensioners and use the bus to go to Grimsby and Lincoln Hospital several times a month.

Another very valuable point, if the No 3 bus is taken off then the train will be used more and the trains are always very busy at the best of times.

Another point; if the No 3 bus gets taken off our bus pass is useless to us and Lincoln council do not supply rail concession tickets now.

I could go on, Please do not take our No 3 bus away.

E Sharp

Market Rasen

EDITOR – Regarding the possible change to our buses – No 3 – I would like to say that at the age of 82 I rely implicitly on our buses; either they take me to Lincoln, Grimsby or Caistor.

They are ideal for doctor’s appointments and visits to the bank.

What would you like me to do then – walk?

Mrs Disgusted


EDITOR – Quite a number of people use the no3 bus from Welton to Rasen.

It will be tragic if it is stopped.

Barry Matthews

By email