Plans for ‘ridiculous’ Cliff wind turbines an ‘utter disgrace’

EDITOR – Imagine, if you will, a compact site containing dozens of houses, a home for the elderly, two firework factories, a plastic recycling company, several large granaries, and a primary school.

Then imagine a proposed wind farm consisting of ten or 12 wind turbines, each over 126m (415ft) tall, being built within a mile of the above.

Directly alongside the proposed wind farm runs the A15, a ‘red route’ and an increasingly busy road, whilst the site is surrounded by eight villages – all within 1.24 miles (two kilometres – the minimum distance for turbines required for occupied accommodation in Europe). Furthermore, within the same range are Grade II listed buildings, parkland, a rare ancient chapel and, on the site itself, an iron-age long barrow.

The A15 is the ancient Roman ‘Ermine Street’ with the site of a Roman ‘spital’ (resting place) within a mile of the proposed wind farm. One of the closest villages was the site of the Knights Templar training ground and stud farm for their war horses.

The proposed wind farm is situated on the top of a north-south ridge or ‘cliff’. To the west is the flat Trent Valley, whilst to the east, the Ancholme Valley slopes gently down to the foot of the Lincolnshire Wolds – a site of ‘outstanding natural beauty’. Lincoln Cathedral, with its 83m (271ft) central tower can be seen easily from the Wolds. The much taller, and closer, wind turbines will destroy the eastern view from the Wolds.

The German company that is importing and erecting the wind turbines will provide no local employment. They will, however, provide a clutch of structures that will disfigure the landscape, will not work, and – thanks to the back-up they require – provide more CO2 than they are supposed to replace. The idea that a fluctuating supply can be used to meet a variable customer demand is ridiculous, and to make the unwilling consumer pay for such absurdities is an affront to both commonsense and democracy.

To subject its own citizens to an unnecessary threat to their health, well-being, and safety is an utter disgrace, yet this is what is being proposed at Hemswell Cliff in Lincolnshire.

E C Coleman

Chairman of the Hemswell Cliff Action Group