Planning - Why so many applications?

It was heartening to see West Lindsey’s planning committee last week throw out plans for 150 homes in Welton.

Welton has suffered enough already from plans for extra housing which, as we know, will place an intolerable burden on the schools, health and other services in the area. #

But what made the district councillors take a more critical line to development than before? It can only be the opposition of Welton and Dunholme residents, in the run-up to what promises to be a very close and significant election, both locally and nationally.

With the Central Lincolnshire District Plan, we have West Lindsey and neighbouring district councils seeking to build tens of thousands of houses in the years to 2036.

The question is, why so many? The answer is simple: rampant population growth, fuelled by the ‘open door’ immigration policies of both the Labour and Conservative Parties, along with the Liberal Democrats. West Lindsey might not be experiencing mass immigration from overseas, but rather that from London and the South, as people find that part of Britain too crowded, too expensive, or simply not ‘British’ anymore, a trend fuelled by mass immigration. If a standard semi –detached property in west London now fetches half-a-million pounds, imagine the appeal of moving up here, buying a big house for half that amount and then banking the rest.

But all this migration means Britain’s food bowl becomes prey for development, the costs of which fall on the people of Lincolnshire in terms of ever more crowded schools, roads and other services.

Proof this comes in the Section 106 agreements, effectively ‘bribes’ from the developers to help fund new facilities or improved roads to offset the extra demands the residents of those new developments would bring. Such agreements might offset such harm, but 
do we really want to see Lincolnshire farmland and our villages ruined by sub-urbanisation?

Only UKIP has the policies to tackle such excessive housing development. First, it will tackle the immigration problem at root cause by insisting we leave the European Union and controlling our own borders.

A points-based immigration system, such as operates successfully in Australia, means we can control the quantity 
and quality of immigrants and bring their numbers down to more manageable levels.

Contrary to what opponents might say, there is nothing racist about this. UKIP’s policy is the most anti-racist of the lost as it puts all immigrants on an equal footing, based on the benefits immigrants will bring to a country, rather than give preference to European Union members.

Secondly, UKIP’s policies will give locals more say in what happens in their Communities as large scale developments will be able to be put to local referendum.

Thirdly, UKIP will make brownfield development more attractive than ever before by issuing brownfield bonds, providing decontamination assessment grants, removing VAT from brownfield conversion costs and stamp duty from brownfield first builds.

There are more than 66,000 hectares of brownfield land in England alone and UKIP’s target is to build a million homes on brownfield by 2025).

Of course, to help make such things happen, it means voting UKIP, both at district council level and importantly to help elect John Saxon, our Gainsborough Candidate for Westminster.

Voters should not believe the false Tory claim that a vote for UKIP will “let Labour in”. In Lincolnshire, it is UKIP that is challenging the Tories, Labour, and the other parties, are nowhere in real contention. In Gainsborough, vote UKIP and you will get UKIP.

Dr Howard Thompson

Claxby, Market