Pigeons are suffering

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EDITOR – I am outraged that it was animal rights protesters who created the hole in the netting resulting in a pigeon suffering a horrible death.

I saw the holes had been created but couldn’t understand why, but kept on noticing the pigeons there to then notice last Monday a poor pigeon wedged down the side of the netting while I was on my way to collect my son from school at 3pm.

I then crossed the road to see if i could see any life in the pigeon and saw it looking at me and blinking its eyes.

I then went on to ring the RSPB to see if they could help who then gave me the number to the RSPCA.

I am no lover of the pigeons but didn’t like the thought of it suffering a slow painful death so I reported it to them and they said they would send someone out.

When we walked to school the next day it was still ‘wedged’ there but by this time dead!

Well done animal rights protesters you really did that pigeon a favour as the world is only a small place and could of not surely found anywhere else to LIVE being the right chosen word.

Perhaps Mr Bunney on that occasion the pigeon would of been better shot so it didn’t have to suffer, but as you wanted to avoid the pigeons being treated inhumanely the netting was a great idea until it was sabotaged!

Perhaps whoever did it should get back there with their ladders and help save the pigeons now.