Pigeon pest - no feeding

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In response to many queries about the pigeon problem in Market Rasen let us be absolutely clear that it is a legal offence to feed these birds if by doing so you are encouraging them to remain in the area.

This is because it creates a clear health hazard.

The issue has been well exercised nationally and can be found in the ruling “Wandsworth Council versus Railtrack”.

For now we have established a time-line for dealing with the situation, and that has been well publicised by the Rasen Mail.

The solution involves WLDC, LCC, Network Rail, and Rentokil.

When Network Rail is ready in a few months, the birds will be humanely evacuated, and the bridge will be cleaned.

The top, where the pigeons gained entry, even after the first placement of wire netting, will be sealed with plates by the rail company because only they are allowed access. Then the netting will be reinstalled.

I am the first to admit that this is overall not ideal, but because of legal and work programme constraints we are obliged to conform to the schedule.

Coun Burt Keimach,

Leader WLDC and LCC Coun Market Rasen Wolds