Pet owners - Beware of dogs off the lead

Be very careful if you go down to the woods, Willingham Woods that is.

My wife and myself took our Jack Russell “Sam”on bank holiday Monday in the morning for a different walk as we sometimes do, normally we just walk around our own village, Redbourne. Unfortunately we had a terrible experience when a young (although fully grown) German Shepherd type dog attacked Sam and ripped five different wounds into his little body.

The dog had got away from his walker or owner and gone mad, I managed to get hold of the aggressor and got him to drop Sam who was being bitten and thrown around like a rag doll, for what seemed like several minutes.

The owner did eventually get to us and as I wrestled the dog holding him by the collar from behind. He took his dog and we, my hysterical wife and myself ran carrying Sam to the car park.

We were met by a lady and several of her friends and dogs, all under control I might add, who assisted us by getting the Rase vets number for us to arrange emergency treatment.

Sam is recovering slowly and I managed to avoid getting bit myself. Sam is not aggressive in any way and loves people and other friendly dogs, he is unable to understand what’s happened to him and why.

Friends and others say did you get the man’s name or other details, we did not, our concern was for our traumatised pet.

So, as I said if you go just be careful, I wouldn’t like others to go through what we and especially Sam went through. Thank you to all who helped, we are most grateful.

Nolan​ J Bourke.

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