Peace of mind has gone

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EDITOR – In the Mail of May 23 you reported a burglary on Normanby Road, Nettleton, where it was not known if anything was stolen.

This was our house and what was stolen was of little monetary value, but it has resulted in the loss of peace of mind and security that was enjoyed by many of the residents in what was considered a safe and lovely place to live.

Many thousands of pounds of damage was caused to us by someone placing our cushions from the settee on the cooker and turning on the electricity.

Thick black smoke filled every room and, as they had kindly opened all the drawers and cupboards, covered all our possessions.

We hope the police catch whoever did this just so that we can ask why.

In the meantime, we would like to thank all friends and neighbours who have been so kind and generous with flowers, food, hugs and offers of accommodation.

Especially we thank our new landlords at Wold Farm Holiday Cottage and our dear daughter Amanda Strachan.

Alec and Brenda Hinchley