Peace and quiet destroyed and stress reigns, but council is doing nothing

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EDITOR – In 2005 I bought a plot of land with an old bungalow on it in Toft next Newton, intending to build a new house in this peaceful spot.

I was horrified when the loud explosions started just a couple of years later.

The house project is now nearly completed and I have been living in the new build since late last summer.

There are days when living here is like being in a war zone. Sirens and loud bangs – enough to make the double glazing rattle at times – punctuate what would otherwise be a tranquil existence.

I had a particular reason for choosing to live in Toft – my work as a clinical forensic psychologist requires a depth of concentration which is only possible in peace and quiet.

All aspects of my work – research, writing and consultancy – are affected by the noise coming from ‘Faldingworth Defence’.

Moreover, my love of gardening has very much diminished as I find myself anticipating anxiously the next loud ‘bang’.

I am also aware that I am not the worst affected; people living nearer to the site are apparently suffering structural damage to their houses.

The nature of the noise means that many people are living with levels of chronic stress that are likely to have a psychophysiological impact.

There is much current research into the impact of chronic stress within the field of neuropsychoimmunology, where it has been demonstrated that such stress has an impact on all physical and psychological functioning, from irritability and sleeplessness to elevated blood pressure, altered endocrine functioning and increased inflammatory markers – inflammation is now widely believed to be an important contributory factor in a wide range of problems from cardiac and cancerous conditions to histaminergic reactions implicated in wound healing, skin conditions and certain breathing problems.

The site owner appears to pretend that the work carried out there is commissioned by the MoD.

There is absolutely no evidence for this.

West Lindsey District Council seems pointedly reluctant to do anything to curb the nuisance.

Ragnhild Saeland

By email