Parking sign - So just what was wrong?

I have been looking at the Rasen Mail every week to see if there is any explanation as to what was actually wrong with the signage.

You reported in the RM of 08.10.14 that our Councillors were meeting LCC officers on 09.10.14. Did they get the answers to the questions I wonder ?

It seems wherever you go in the county a lot of welcome signs into towns and villages have some sort of message attached.

Are these to be removed as well I wonder ? Is there an “officer of signs” at LCC I wonder who is calling all the shots ?

Was the sign of the wrong dimension or the wrong words, or too close to the main sign—if so why has no one said that ?

Or is it a bit a deeper and WLDC have somehow become involved---the no parking situation in Market Rasen has come up at the same time as you are no doubt aware

Ron Myland

Market Rasen