Parking - Poor research and strongest case for devolution

My congratulations to Adrian Campbell and those who helped supply the data about the devastating losses to Market Rasen businesses because of the shortsighted , badly planned, and unnecessarily expensive imposition of car parking charges.

This issue was raised several times when I was Leader of West Lindsey, but I convinced councillors that it would needlessly involve all the tax payers of the District in an effort for little or no gain, with deep damage to the tax base, as businesses would suffer and cry foul as they went down the plug hole.

This is not an exaggeration as many shops on or near a High Street anywhere in the UK are struggling to stay in positive territory.

The WLDC problem stems from poor research, and most importantly, not listening to the citizens who pay for services.

The whole shameful episode makes for the strongest case yet for Devolution, with the County divided in a way that will provide more equitable and efficient use of tax pounds.

Just consider carefully that as it stands now, Lincolnshire County Council is far bigger than all seven District Councils combined.

Burt Keimach

Former Leader WLDC, and former LCC Councillor