Parking fees - Could be years before profit

I live in Stainton le Vale, six miles from Market Rasen. I use the town for all my shopping.

Apart from the weekly needs, all our electrical appliances come from Rhodes; I use the post office and buy my stationery at Something Special, the old Rasen Mail shop.

Travis Perkins supplies gardening materials and the Mole Valley outlet for animal requirements.

My mother lives in Waterloo House Care Home, so I am in Market Rasen five or six days a week.

I object to the parking fees on two fronts: the cost of implementing and maintaining them, and the detrimental effect they will have on the growth of business in the town.

That’s £65,000 to install and a further £31,000 to enforce, operate and maintain – so £96,000 before a penny is earned.

An estimated £50,000 could be earned. The operative word is ‘estimated’.

Even if this happened, it would still be the fourth year of operating before we saw a profit of £11,000.

If people avoid Market Rasen or spend less time browsing, coming after the proposed period of charging, it could take far longer to claw back the original outlay.

Finally, if East Lindsey District Council has rejected such charges, why should West Lindsey think them such a good idea?

Linda Clendining

Stainton le Vale