Parking ban would be a disaster for shop trade

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EDITOR – With reference to your article on parking on the Market Place, I do feel that a total ban would be a disaster for our local shops which need all the trade they can get.

They must have suffered a huge downturn in trade with the large supermarket on the outskirts of our town which seems determined to sell everything our little local shops are offering. Nothing to them is sacred – it truly is dog eat dog.

One of our local retailers told me that passing trade had gone down by almost 50 per cent, showing how difficult it must really be for them to continue trading and to make any profit. We should try to support them, or we shall see them all disappear. Then we will then be reduced to one-store shopping.

When my wife Joan came from Leeds in 1940 to live at the Greyhound Pub (circa 1639, now the Chase). She thought Market Rasen was absolutely wonderful; she was fascinated with all our local shops, from Robinson and Marshalls in King Street to Pommie Sands’ grocery and sweet shop on Willingham Road.

I have recalled all the shops to include the public houses and find we had over 80 business premises all making a living here in Market Rasen.

We had everything for her, and she particularly liked Lacy and Clarks dress shop, in particular. She still loves dress shops.

Every business thrived. There was no price-cutting, no ‘buy one get one free’ or any of the gimmicks associated with today’s trading, everyone supported each other and it was an idyllic place for her to have come to. Market days thrived, with a town full of people.

For myself, growing up in Rasen in the 20s and 30s was absolute heaven and I could not have been happier anywhere else. It is because of how I remember the town as it was that it now makes me so sad to see its decline, all the empty shops and a general feeling that things will not get better.

The answer, my friends, is not blowing in the wind as the song goes, it is up to each and every one of us before it is too late.

To conclude, we need all the parking we can get; it is the life blood of any small town shopping outlets.

Dennis Hall

Market Rasen