Our councils are in need more independent minds

EDITOR – If anyone is interested, the ‘webcast’ of the West Lindsey District Council full council meeting last Monday is reason enough to justify the need for more Independent councillors on both the district and county councils.

First, Coun Geoff Wiseman put forward a motion that senior staff and executives are given a similar level of job protection as is given to teachers, soldiers, sailors, policemen and staff in similar roles in commercial enterprises.

We pay them well for their experience and knowledge and occasionally their opinions may not be popular. See what happened.

Later, Geoff and I queried the vast cash mountain sitting in the WLDC bank account; each council tax payer could be given a two-month council tax ‘holiday’ and the council would still perform perfectly well.

Meanwhile, Lincolnshire County Council wastes our money.

The incinerator at North Hykeham will cost Lincolnshire council tax payers between £300m to £400m more over the next 25 years compared to recycling alternatives. In 2008 DEFRA refused to fund the project. The 75 per cent of WLDC’s black bin waste that is easily recyclable will go up in smoke.

At between £35 and £40 per council tax payer, per year, it is money wasted. Not much if you are earning £100,000 per annum, but a fortune to someone on a tiny income.

All these issues would be open for discussion with just a few more Independents, Liberal and Labour members on the council.

This brings me on to one more issue. We will soon all be voting for the new police commissioners. The big parties are allowed to spend bucket loads of cash (up to £250,000) on election costs on their chosen candidates.

Do you want someone so beholden to a particular political party to be in charge of your local police force? Looking back on recent Lincolnshire political history, I most certainly don’t.

If you feel strongly on any of these issues why not consider becoming an Independent councillor, it is hard work, the pay is useless, but it will give you the chance to help build a better future.

LCC councillor Marianne Overton, has formed an umbrella group. Why not contact her, email: CllrM.Overton@lincolnshire.gov.uk

You will not be alone.

Chris Darcel

District councillor for 
Fiskerton and Langworth