Open Letter - Gate is asset to Market Rasen

I and my family along with the rest of the community will be greatly disheartened if you were to dismiss the licence of The Gate of India.

The Gate of India has been situated in our community for over a decade, and I can conceitedly say this fine establishment is an asset to our community.

They have persistently been there when called upon to provide their exceptional customer service in charity work.

I had also specifically requested for this fine establishment to provide their mouth-watering food at my Birthday gathering because of the positive environment they create with their presence.

If you choose to remove their licence you will not just be tearing down a prosperous business, but diminishing memories which they built with the community.

The Gate of India meets everyone’s desires from exceptional customer service right to when you exit their premises.

They take account of everyone, we are not just a number to them rather a name.

This establishment which we have built a warming relationship with has never been troublesome, a nuisance and have always been law abiding.

So please think thoroughly before removing their licence. I hope you have taken in consideration what I have said here today.

Tanya Kamaly

By email