Open farm day - Come along and find out more

Visiting a farm on Open Farm Sunday, June 5, is a wonderful way to discover the world of farming.

Modern farming is incredibly diverse and impacts on all of us – from the food we eat, to clothing, medicine, fuel and manufacturing.

Agriculture is vital to our future, too – so come along and find out more!

Hundreds of farms across Britain will be opening their gates for LEAF’s (Linking Environment And Farming) Open Farm Sunday.

It is a great day out for the whole family and a unique opportunity to discover what farmers do and the vital role they have in protecting and enhancing the environment.

You may not realise it but our lives depend on the diverse products farmers grow.

Since the first Open Farm Sunday in 2006 it has been organised by LEAF, the leading organisation delivering more sustainable food and farming.

All types of farms take part in Open Farm Sunday and most events are free.

So round up the family, put on your wellies and head to the countryside to meet a farmer and have a great day out experiencing all the sights, sounds and science of the farm.

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