Ofsted report - Deserving of so much better

I am writing in response to the recent publication of the Pegasus Childcare Centre Ofsted report.

I find it absurd that a setting where Ofsted feels “the impact of teaching is good” and that “staff sensitively manage children’s emotional wellbeing” can be given a “requires improvement” grading due to what is essentially an administrative error.

Myself and my son viewed several settings before choosing Pegasus and I knew immediately it was the right setting for him as it was the only place he wanted to stay.

He adores the staff, has made excellent progress across all areas of learning and is well supported in his social and emotional development.

As a parent, the most important thing to me is my child’s happiness and, with no disrespect to Ofsted, I can judge that better than any report.

Pegasus is, in my eyes, an outstanding setting. The level of dedication and care given by each member of staff to each child can leave me with no doubt about that.

So keep up the excellent work and next time Ofsted call, I know you will get the praise and the grading you deserve.

Mrs G Smith

Market Rasen