Ofsted - Amazed but not surprised

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I was brought up in Market Rasen and was amazed to read about Middle Rasen Primary School being branded ‘Too English’ by Ofsted but not at all surprised, a live in Brixham on the south Devon coast.

Brixham is a small fishing port, the population is approximately 99% white. My neighbour who is a primary school teacher recently told me something very interesting, all the pupils at her school are white, there are 10 children of eastern European descent who speak English as their first language and are fully integrated.

Recently a faceless politically correct mandarin miles away in Exeter informed the school that there should be more emphasis on teaching the children about non European customs and cultures and encouraging them to celebrate numerous Muslim and Hindu festivals and have less emphasis on Christians festivals such as Christmas and Easter, she found this both bizarre and extremely insulting, needless to say the instruction was ignored.

Brixham is a Christian community and as a busy fishing port is used to many visitors from all over the world and is proud of its reputation of being a very friendly warm hearted place and the residents do not take kindly to being ordered around by pc idiots.

Also you may not be aware but the beautiful hymn ‘Abide with me’ was composed in Brixham by the Reverend Henry Francis Lyte, we call it ‘Our Hymn’ and is sung at all events, children in all the schools learn the words from a very early age and are always proud to sing it.

Stephen Adamski

39 Summercourt Way,