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Re. Lincolnshire Middle Rasen Primary School failing Ofsted diversity : a London geocentric judgement that makes invisible the “diverse” nature of these islands that contain the ‘bulk’ of the population.

Living in East Anglia, I cannot believe that the Lincolnshire “Middle Rasen” school does not have some “ethnically” different “East Europeans” on its register, often with their “diverse” religious traditions from their East European regions? But then, if Ofsted’s judgement is simply based on the colour of the skin for there to be “diversity”, is this not in itself contravening some subtleties within the race relations statutes !

For me this apparent insular geocentric London nonsense and judgement on Middle Rasen from Ofsted does likewise mean that London and other inner city schools will need to visit or at least do projects on our many, varied and myriad rural outposts in England, even the first language Welsh schools and those of the Highlands and islands of Scotland in order that they too do qualify as “diverse” and not insular and distorted in their World views on the real nature of these islands.

Keith Deacon B.Ed (Hons), MA

Retired Lecturer in

Social Sciences (&

qualified teacher).Cromer, Norfolk.