Nothing done about site’s noise nuisance

EDITOR– After reading your article About the Explosions!, I have no choice but to reply to this.

I hear them every time. Its like living in a war zone. Im about two miles away from the site, So God help them who live close by to the site.

And as for the council they are a total joke!. A few years ago in Faldingworth Village Hall they did alot of talking and no action, since then not alot of change, they have responsibilities to us a tax payers.

Only with being in touch with RATS, that I know so much. As WLDC only say your the only person who’s called them or emailed them.

This is I know to be rubbish. RATS, Do point out to WLDC own report states That they set the noise limit at 115dbu, and on one of their monitoring days this was broken with 130dbu, and still get away with it, and this is the report which they referred to, and if these people work for the government why have they started a Hate Campaign Site against RATS member David Humpage, there is a link to this site on blast Lincoln Site set up by RATS.

I find it all unnecessary when this business is statutory noise nuisance.

WLDC says there are no legal action can be taken RUBBISH!. Read your own report, here it states this can be proved in courts. Its in the 2nd Atkins Report.

Mr S Havercroft.