Not a true reflection of farming industry

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EDITOR – We write in reply to the letter ‘We are not all suffering – name and address supplied’ in the Market Rasen Mail of March 21, regarding the agricultural community.

There is no mention in the letter as to what mandatory conditions must be fulfilled for the receipt of agricultural payments, or that the Panorama television programme highlighted scams within the system and not common practice. Such over-simplification is, at best, unhelpful.

It seems sensible to suppose that if beef and wheat prices have risen to the consumer, input prices to the producer will have risen equally or, in some respects, more so.

It is highly unlikely that this ‘one section of the community’ contains no ‘families struggling to make ends meet’.

The farming community cover a wide range of practice and income and are also ‘taxpayers’ – facts which have been disregarded.

Cyril and Stella Gray

Church Street, Market Rasen