No pool, but a warm welcome please

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EDITOR – Reference the request for resident comment, in no particular order:

l Swimming pool – this idea should be put away permanently as it would be a financial burden for an already-impoverished town and its council.

l Town signs – why when the new signs were made, was not a ‘Welcome to ..’ included? The only welcome to the town is at the station. A supplementary board could add ‘free parking throughout the town’.

l Care for the town – form local residents into small area groups to care for that area in every respect – litter, painting buildings, reporting any problems to police or council as needed; encourage people to look after where they live rather than keep suggesting everything is ‘their’ responsibility i.e. someone else’s.

l Skate board park – somewhere for teenagers to expend their energy.

l Youth Council – is this initiative still moving forward? We do not hear anything about the positive side of them.

l Retail – we have plenty of choice on jewellery, ornaments, gifts, cards, smellies etc. Could not one of the retailers put aside an area of their shop for craft items – embroidery, knitting, painting, hobbies etc?

Certainly, among the other ideas listed on the front page of the Mail, I would support: George Street one way; a performance or art space which could be linked into a town heritage ‘museum’; perhaps link another festival to the gardening event, which must be in the town centre.

The biggest problem is getting more people off their backsides to get things moving, rather than always expecting someone else to be doing things for them.

We have some keen retailers who support the town’s image, and need more of this and also more support from the residents.

Brian Ward

Market Rasen