No monitoring taking place at Faldingworth

EDITOR – With reference to the exploision noise, some of the facts which have been reported to other residents by WLDC are untrue.

Having spoken to a member of the council on the particular Monday to complain about the explosions I asked the question if monitoring was taking place to be told ‘No’.

I was informed that an investigation would take place. How long does it take to investigate something as this problem has been going on for years now?

You can ask the council a question and the reply is that they will get back to you. They don’t.

As for a comment on television last week stating the factory employ half the workforce from the local village, what a joke.

If this is the case they are not going to put themselves out of work are they?

The council want to remember that the majority of people go to work in the week.

I wonder what would happen if the exploisions took place at a weekend; there would be an outcry and, as usual, you cannot speak to anyone at a weekend from the council – as we found out on New Year’s Eve when we had a rave party on this site, which is supposed to be secure.

And we are still waiting for answers.

We live in a rural place for peace and quiet and, yes, they have a right to do their work.

Why don’t they take their testing to other places like Donna Nook, like the previous companies have?

M. Rodgers

By email