No dithering, but there’s plenty of pondering

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EDITOR – In response to C.J. Belton of Oxford Street, who in hindsight has swallowed the dictionary of gobbledegook before penning a letter that has left me scratching my cranium and wondering where he or she is coming from (Market Rasen Mail Wednesday March 21,2012).

The wording of this particular letter not only carried my name, in what I believe is a complete falsification, but has hidden, nasty undertones regarding a matter of which I know nothing about.

And as I look up towards the heavens for some kind of inner inspiration to clear the words in Hebdomadal Opaque Missives, gorm, dither – and as for the traffically-challenged route march that took one from Market Rasen to Grimsby and back.

Put it this way. I thank the Lord that C.J. Belton wasn’t one of our drill sergeants at the guards depot, Pirbright, Surrey, 1976-77, because re-reading that letter we would be still square bashing today with no end in sight. And I Dither Ye Not.

Nino Hoblyn