No blockage.... are you sure?


EDITOR – Further to Steve Wiles’ letter regarding the drains at Kirkby cum Osgodby, twice more since June 28 water has come up the council drain outside my property.

The only times I am flooded is when water comes up this manhole.

Fortunately, on the second occasion two gentlemen arrived to jet the drain and then worked tirelessly for a couple of hours to clear the road and I am extremely grateful to them.

They felt the problem was a bottleneck where the 15-inch culvert joins the 12-inch drain; they felt it was possible there was a nine-inch pipe causing the bottleneck.

On July 23, it not having rained for at least 48 hours, I got the opportunity to examine the drain which was causing the problem with the intention of measuring the pipe.

To my horror, the pipe was almost covered in water, leaving a capacity of about an inch, see photo.

There is surely a blockage here, so if Mr Wiles and Mr Keal would recognise that there is a problem with the drain we might be on our way to curing it.

I am raising a complaint against Lincolnshire County Council Highways North for damage to my property in order to help them focus their minds.

Heather Muddiman

Kirkby cum Osgodby