Nino, please get your facts right!

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EDITOR – Is it just me or do any of your other readers get fed up with Nino Hoblyn’s weekly waffling letters on subjects he obviously has no great understanding of?

I do appreciate and even agree that the ‘three Rs’, as they were referred to several decades ago, are important, but there are children in the world and our country who have learning difficulties which hinder their learning.

I’d like to point out that the ‘Chatterbox Challenge’ slated by Mr Hoblyn has little to do with state education, but is an annual fundraising activity for nurseries, children’s groups and childminders.

This event is supported by organisations who encourage pre-school children to enjoy and confidently develop their communication skills by singing songs and rhymes to raise money for children across the UK who struggle with their speech and language.

So, Mr Hoblyn, if you have nothing better to do please at least get your facts right!

C Buck