My views on the new look Market Rasen Mail

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EDITOR – Was this the date Wednesday, October 17, 2012 in which every reader of the Market Rasen Mail had previously been informed of this ‘New Look Tabloid’, when I for one awaited in great anticipation to the launching, only to find we were in fact a ‘Sinking’.

I Sir, much said and so little delivered on seeing the price hike of a staggering 15p, taking this tabloid from 60p to 75p with the added bonus of not one single letter to boot, ie very similar to launching a new car minus the engine.

And with a black band running at the top which should of been taken down both sides and along the bottom to depict back to those days when if seen would represent a ‘Great Morning’.

That, Paul Fisher, Editor M.R.M is only one man’s interpretation which leads me to ask, ‘Why on Earth, What on Earth’ have those above you inbetween their ears in thinking that the likes of myself would gladly carry on purchasing a tabloid that brings to mind not only of the person who shot himself in the foot in thinking how clever he was but an old saying has now come to mind in seeing this so called ‘New Look M.R.M’.

If something isn’t broken in the first place, Why Fix It?, and with that said lets get the clock turned back to the original format and price, before the time runs out on the weekly in which many a folk including myself had great fun in what was a good old family run tabloid in which we all had a great laugh in our ‘Correspondence’.

Sadly to say that no longer rings true after so many years penning and reading not only my letters but also massive contribution by others,

Things never stay the same you may well say, its all in the name of progress, you may well say. But, sometimes even that progress might find one up the creek without a paddle ?.

Nino Hoblyn


EDITOR’S NOTE: Thank you for your letter as always Nino. I’m sure you’ve been pleased to see the letters page has been restored to its full glory in recent weeks and is steadily growing with every new issue. And don’t forget you can get your Rasen Mail for just 45p a week when you subscribe, call us, 01673 844644.