My thanks to you, councillor

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Editor – In the Rasen Mail of June 6 2012 you solicit comment on Coun Keimach’s utterances regarding prayers at council meetings and so on.

As you are, by now, aware, I am never backward in coming forward where having a pop at local government and politicians is concerned.

When I was a teenager, however, my dad taught me it required little or no skill, not to mention being somewhat unsporting, to deck an opponent who was leading with his chin.

My mum taught me it was unkind to mock those who were seemingly perhaps not as perceptive as oneself. Out of respect for their teachings I feel I must in this instance decline your invitation to comment.

Mum and dad did, however, teach me I should give credit where credit is due.

My early education left me firmly of the opinion that the majority of the UK population, notionally at least, held Christian views; most of the minority held religious views of one sort or another and the UK, unlike France, was not a secular state.

That earlier instruction also had left me of the opinion that democracy was about the will of the majority prevailing, while also offering protection to the minority.

So may I, through your pages, offer my thanks to Coun Keimach for rounding off my education by his demonstrating that, in West Lindsey at least, established principles may not necessarily hold true.

Peter Street

Middle Rasen