My letter of concern about store fuel prices

EDITOR – Below is a letter I have put on Tesco’s website after once again not having protective gloves available for customer use.

Is there any way that you can highlight the problems, or even conduct a campaign.

When I highlighted the high prices some considerable time ago, via Rasen Mail, and publicised the petrol price comparison sites Tesco prices were reduced accordingly.


Mayor of Market Rasen

As Mayor of Market Rasen I am concerned that your prices are always highest in the area.

I am also concerned that, despite the very high prices, protective gloves are never available.

Despite numerous complaints by myself and other customers there has been no improvement.

Your assistant said she was fed up of fielding the complaints of irate customers as management do not take any notice and will not do anything. She advised me to contact the manager direct.

Do I really have to create a newspaper campaign to get Tesco to meet the basic safety needs that other suppliers conform to and campaign for reasonably priced fuel for an already disadvantaged area?

If so I will in future buy my fuel (about £100 or so per week) from someone who cares about customers and advise others so to do.