MR BIG, tell me why you’re asking for more of our cash

EDITOR – It seems Mr Big is turning into Oliver Twist, as he wants some more of our money.

A letter from Sara Scott, chairman of Mr Big, quoted a web link for the Portas Pilot menu but failed to answer the criticism in my recent letter.

Not everybody has internet access, and nowhere could I find the fact that Mr Big had applied for a £5,000 grant from Market Rasen Town Council.

I can assure your readers that this is so as I went as a member of the public to the planning and finance meeting of the town council.

It is very much to the council’s credit that they appeared startled and concerned, as they did not have anywhere near this amount in their budget.

They agreed to write to Mr Big for further details as the 2013 budget is due for discussion in November.

It was suggested by one of the councillors that a grant of this magnitude could lead to a substantial increase on the local council tax bill.

As well as the Portas grant, I understand they have some money from West Lindsey, making a total of around £140,000 already.They say the £5,000 they applied for is for 2013.

My understanding was that the Portas grant was to set up the pop-up markets for a year, after which they would be self-funding and sustainable.

While applauding the stallholders who have so far supported the pop-up markets, please do not forget that they do not come for a day’s holiday but to make profit.

We need to know how much of this they reinvest in this project before they ask the residents for some more of their money.

In answer to the letter ‘Public praise, private criticism’, I would say stop hiding your heads in the sand. Answer my criticism in a constructive manner and show some transparency in your dealings with the public.

Nigel Cook

Market Rasen