Money to be made with off-road idea

Editor – With reference to the letter from Nobby Clark regarding motorcyclists in Willingham Woods, it should perhaps be noted that it is illegal for motorised vehicles to be ridden/driven on any public right of way apart from a BOAT (Byway Open to All Traffic), and anyone so doing would find their insurance is null and void should they need to claim on it.

There are 4,000km of ROW (rights of way) in Lincolnshire. All are open to walkers and cyclists, 800km are open to the ridden horse, 200km to the driven horse, and 198km to motorised vehicles. Somewhere there is a 2km restricted byway.

Most people use these ROW for quiet recreation, bird watching, for the wild flowers and to allow small children to explore a little. These aims do not mix easily with motorised vehicles.

Unfortunately, some motorised “off-roaders” have no concern for the tracks they use and render them quite unusable for others.

Anyone with an interest may like to visit the GLEAM website (Green Lane Environmental Action Movement).

I am sorry Mr Clark feels so badly about the “equine fraternity”. I have been a member of that group for over 60 years and have nothing but praise for the motorcycling fraternity.

I have always found motorcyclists to be the most considerate of road users; they always cut their speed a little and allow as much passing space as possible where horses are concerned.

Yes, they are as vulnerable as the rider/driver of horses, but their consideration is very greatly appreciated and I have nothing but gratitude to them all for it.

I hope someone takes up Mr Clark’s plea for an off-road site for motorcyclists.

As he says, there is money to be made and a need to be accommodated, without the rider falling foul of the law.

Sheila Brookes