Middle Rasen - Ofsted has overreacted

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May I echo Sir Edwards comments-simply a ridiculous over reaction to a problem not of Middle Rasen primary’s making!

OFSTED may well be pursuing an agenda as a result of events concerning problems in Birmingham which OFSTED should have addressed years ago, and as a result they will be covering all schools with a broad and ridiculous brush.

To expect the excellent Middle Rasen school or any of the other 100 plus rural primary’s, in Lincolnshire to be able to build these extra measures, into an already crowded curriculum is, I believe simply unnecessary, especially as the religious education pupils receive teaches our young people to love and understand ones neighbour whatsoever

their race, colour, creed or ability.

Our children see hours of television, and are already well adjusted to the country we live in, and the residents that live here.

I also think there may well be another agenda being enacted, I have relatives who teach who tell me how hard it now is to have ones school classed as excellent by OFSTED, and how hard it is to keep that rating, are we now seeing this as an excuse to stop an excellent grade being awarded?

I fear this will not be the last heavy handed decision that will be made across our excellent Primary’s, in pursuit of this policy.

Congratulations to Middle Rasen primary, Head mistress Melony Brunton her staff, governors and children-you are an excellent school and your picture adorning page 9 of the Thursdays Daily Telegraph proved it, and showed your enthusiasm.

Lewis Strange

Ancholme and the Cliff

Lincolnshire cc