Market stall - Surely matter can be resolved

With reference to your headline in last week’s Rasen Mail regarding the fruit and veg stall, I was so disappointed that it would appear the only solution to this mini-dispute is having to resort to costly legal action.

Surely a more amicable solution can be reached, with both sides sitting down together without rancour in an attempt to resolve this matter.

Everyone is aware that we need more stallholders if we are to attract more people to Rasen.

For the veg and fruit stall, it does involve an early start, unloading and displaying his wares, then at the end of the day loading and returning home – a great deal of work.

At the moment, we only seem to have two stalls on a regular basis - this one and the gentleman with the plant and flower display, both hard workers.

We really should be trying to get more people like them to make our market so much more appealing.

We should also appreciate Janet and her auction. She has many loyal followers, and she only charges a miniscule commission rate.

I only hope she can continue; for her to leave would be a major disaster for the Tuesday market.

There may well have been problems of which we are unaware, but surely there are greater troubles; I am confident an amicable solution can be reached and we can make a more peaceful haven here in Market Rasen.

Please both sides reconsider and try to move forward with the best interest and intentions on both sides.

Dennis Hall

By email