Market Rasen - Yellow lines killing trade


The verdict of our elected council (or what’s left of it) describing the traffic that fails to pulse through our main street.


Paint the street yellow.


Closure of yet more shops.

So, once loading and waiting restrictions are reinforced along King and Queen Streets will Mike Perkins of Perkins, George Mawer & Co have banged down his last gavel?

Sold! Down the river! For neither drop offs or pick ups will be possible.

Will the plethora of charity shops be able to exist without the kind donations that arrive by car?

Starbucks, no matter that you seem to supply half of Lincolnshire with industrial quantities of bread products, your flour will have to come in by bike.

And as far as my wife’s small concern - we will close.

If I cannot deliver our stock from outside our shop then we will be finished and probably so will many others.

I make two further points:

a) Whilst standing a melancholy vigil in the door of Wold Antiques it is crystal clear to me that the bulk of the west to east hold up is caused by traffic waiting to turn right into Oxford Street against the on-coming east-west traffic.

No matter that there is a right filter at the end of the sequence - it’s not enough. Give the west-east flow clear passage at the lights and “Horrendous” would be obsolete.

b) The plans for the proposed changes are available for inspection at either Lincoln or Gainsborough. Goody. Just what I’m looking for - a half day jolly for true congestion in Lincoln or the grey seat of our own local government in Gainsborough. Why have we not a set of plans here in Rasen? Or does our own council not want to make it that easy to oppose their diktats.

Think I’ll go back to falling asleep in the shop. Wake me up girls.

P M Walton

Wold Antiques, Market Rasen.