Market Rasen - Upset for town at comments

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I am saddened, but more upset for the people of our Town by the letter from Cllr. Keimack in the edition 9th July.

I am more that proud of what Market Rasen Town Council has done recently and is achieving currently.

A major re-development of Mill Road Playing Field and further plans.

The purchase of De Aston Field to Town ownership.

The future provision for an extension to the Cemetery.

The cure of risk of flooding to neighbouring properties, overlooked by the previous owner (L.C.C.) and not supported by W.L.D.C. in numerous letters of complaint by affected residents.

The general supportive maintenance around out Town.

Two, well supported play areas; Mill Road & Bell Park.

Future proposed projects for De Aston Field to benefit adults in the Town.

NONE of this would have been achieved under the control of W.L.D.C.

And that is before we look at the Town Council’s activities in Town Tidy Up, supporting the Market re-generation, and then the line that really hurts ‘hindering BIG’

Burt, I was a founder Director of MR BIG and support it totally. There is nothing on this Councils agenda to hinder or obstruct any move for business progress in our Town.

Initially W.L.D.C. did not want to support MR BIG in the Portas Bid. How’s that for obstruction. !!

Whilst the good readers of this newspaper were having a morning coffee and reading your letter last Wednesday, there was a most productive meeting being held between four Councilors and four members of BIG together with an outside consultant. The details of which, I am sure will follow.

Your letter was reacting to a bit of journal ‘ sensationalism’ One paragraph out of a 23 page, very constructive document. Not good politics, Burt.

We are not an expensive Council. We, the Councilors are all un-paid volunteers. Our two owned properties are self sustainable and the precept monies are redirected back in to services for the Town. Two years ago we cut precept by 6% and in 2013/14 held the tax level.

I believe that the people of this Town not only believe in but support the Town Council.

There is a meeting of the full Council once a month, to which you are always invited, but have attended only once in over two years.

I have been a resident here for nearly 20 years and I cannot recall any time during your leadership of our Council any significant programmes or projects that may have had a major benefit to our town.

You were the Mayor.

Don’t threaten us with an ultimatum!

To coin a phrase Burt:

You have had you time, your five minutes are up.

My name is John Matthews and I AM the Mayor.

John Matthews

Chairman, Market Rasen Town Council