Market Rasen - Shops were not suitable

Sir, a recent MRM (25/03/15) carried on its cover a striking photo of an empty shop front.

You posed the question why, in a town which has benefited from having been a Portas Pilot with much money spent on it and the benefit of much input from the MR BIG committee, do shops continue to close?

There must be a great many who would have liked to be told the answer to that!

Readers were then directed to an inner page with the strong hope of revelation. But, alas what did we find? A whole page devoted mainly our Parliamentary party candidates telling how they would bring prosperity to the town!

Yes, it was a big con to get us to read their party’s policies and maybe win them some more support before May 7th.

Needless to say, your front page, eye-catching question remained unanswered,so let me suggest one.

The three shops that you quoted were BY THEIR NATURE, not likely to have a long and prosperous life here.

They are shops that are not suited to or required in Market Rasen.

Perhaps better homework needs to be done before venturing on such a gamble.

There are many places where they would stand a good chance of doing well but not, I’m afraid in this small market town. Better luck elsewhere!

Alan Lakeman

The Old Parsonage, Glentham