Market Rasen - Lack of Rasen business sense

I’m genuinely confused about the way that some local businesses react to enquiries about their products and services and have been since moving to the Market Rasen area some years ago and wonder if other readers have the same experience.

Just to give you the latest example. I want to buy a new double glazed front door - so I spent some time one evening looking for local companies that made the product I was looking for.

Most, but not all of the seven companies, had an enquiry form on their website which I duly filled in requesting contact.

Of the five forms filled in, two of the companies actually responded.

Of the two, one actually visited to measure up for a quote ( they didn’t have any sales literature or samples though) That was 3 weeks ago and I’m still waiting for a quote.

So, I decided to phone the companies and started each conversation with the words “I want to buy....” (that is what they call a “buying signal” and should ring bells). Two of the companies said they didn’t know if they made the product. One said “yes we do” - then hung up.

So, is it me, or have any other readers experienced the same level of frustration?

How can businesses spend money on advertising and websites and then not react to potential customers?

By the way - I still need a door!

Dave Pearce

Thornton Road , South Kelsey