Market Rasen - Footfall in town is down

May I take issue with the correspondent who, a couple of weeks ago, criticised the owner of West Wold Deli, who in turn, two weeks earlier had closed her business in Market Rasen citing “lack of footfall” for the demise.

Your correspondent termed the explanation as just “a buzz word” and intimated that “service with a smile” would open the floodgates for a trade revival.

As a shopkeeper in Queen Street I can indeed sympathise with West Wold as, without doubt, footfall has slumped, my estimation would be c.50% from a couple of years ago, and as for “service with a smile” - well this can be a little difficult if there is no-one to smile at.

As the recent founder of the Q.S.I.S.A (Queen Street Impoverished Shopkeepers Association) - membership £1,000 in gold please to Wold Antiques - I promise to gush liberally over any customer who spends £5. A £10 sale will provoke a veritable avalanche of fawning so intense that the recipient will have no need of a fire for at least one week.

I can do no more.

Mike Walton

Wold Antiques, Queen Street