March Hare - What a vast improvement

Although I haven’t been in The March Hare yet, I’m so pleased that the property is in use.

It is no longer an eyesore and it’s one less empty property on our High Street. Not only has it created several jobs, it’ll attract more visitors to stay in town spending money in the local businesses, especially during the races.

No doubt there is a huge demand for B&Bs during that time.

It was very disappointing to read that our very own mayor is moaning already. They may not have planning permission yet, however after being empty for four years the space above the cafe will be in need of renovating, regardless of the use. Surely our mayor should be praising local business woman Sally Cordell for transforming that area instead of pulling her down?

As for the builders parking in the Market Square, what a petty dig.

For God’s sake give her the time she needs to make it better than what it was. It’s a damn sight better and I’m sure you can sacrifice a few parking spaces temporarily for that.

If The Chase car park hadn’t of been closed off there would still be plenty of free parking for shoppers.


Churchill Avenue, Market Rasen