Many thanks for birthday wishes

Editor – I would like to say a big thank you to all the people in and around Caistor who wished my son, Jack Wheatley, a happy birthday on Wednesday, July 25.

Jack had a great day and he celebrated his 18th birthday by having a masquerade ball on July 27, which he shared with his nanna, Dot, who was 70 a week later. A lot of people turned out and a good night was had by everyone.

His night was started off well as four people ordered a limousine to pick Jack and his grandparents up and take them for a drive and drop him off at the town hall in Caistor.

We asked for people to give Jack money if they wanted to give him something as he wanted to donate some of his money to his No. 1 charity.

We have received a lovely thank you card from them for the £200 he sent them.

Jeanette Wheatley,